My Own Private ComicCon


I’ve been bumming out about not going to San Diego Comic-Con again (I never go. It’s far away and I don’t fly, or have any money.) I feel somehow like Joss will care more about the fans he sees or meets in person than the invisible ones like myself who will never get to meet him. But this year he’s not going either, because he took the time to have knee surgery. Hurray! Now I don’t feel so left out. Me & Joss, we’re staying home this year.  Having our own “comiccon”. I too am reading comics in bed.

It does make me sad though, thinking of Joss getting old & his body breaking down. I am so thankful to him for doing yoga!!! It will keep his body strong, healthy and limber for a while. So he can keep on making brilliant stuff to share with us! But he is mortal, and that’s what bums me out. I worry about him getting into a car crash etc.. If anything happened to Joss, I don’t know what I’d do. Except continue watching Buffy all the time just like I do now.


Firefly MMORPG On The Way


Firefly fans… is it time to rejoice, or time to weep? A new game is on the way for iOS and Android. It’s based on Firefly, takes place in the ‘Verse. But it’s put out by FOX. The irony of this is that FOX is basically the Alliance, and Browncoats fought the Alliance. Now they’re to be co-opted and drawn into a game that… well, only the trailer so far actually reminds me of Firefly. And that’s because of the music.

The goal of the game is to find a crew, outfit a ship, find jobs, and keep flying. Will this actually be interesting? Theoretically, it will be Browncoats (Firefly fans) playing, and they can meet other fans this way, it being a game where real people can interact. But will the game have any of the things that made us love Firefly the show? We won’t get to interact with the show’s characters. We won’t have Joss Whedon writing the witty dialogue. So I don’t really get how it’s going to feel like Firefly at all. Anyone else have thoughts on the matter?

The game is set to launch sometime next year.

Helloooooo Again


I can already tell that I’m not going to keep the promises I made when I started this blog. It would be too boring for me and for you. I don’t want to be a recap & gossip site. I want to be a site that thinks, that reflects. So what I am going to write about is whatever is on my mind, regarding Joss, and hopefully someone out there will find it interesting.