Into The Fray


A team of filmmakers wants to bring Joss Whedon’s Fray to life on the big screen. I hope this is a good idea. It’s so terribly sad when Joss’ work gets mangled, like in the Buffy Season 9 Motion Comic. The voice-actress for Willow ruined the whole thing. Only one episode is watchable: “The Chain”. Largely because none of the regular cast is in it. It was just impossible to have Buffy ring true with new actors. That said, at least Fray hasn’t been brought to life yet, so we don’t already have one bunch of actors embedded in our minds as the way the characters ought to be. But making a film of a Joss Whedon comic is a) something I think Joss should do, and only Joss; and b) too easy to get wrong. Has everyone forgotten what happened when the wrong director got ahold of the script for the original Buffy movie?  That script was Joss’ baby, and it was a darn good script too (I know, because it was translated to comic form and it made for a great comic) but in the wrong hands it was ruined. All of the humor was misinterpreted as camp, which it wasn’t. That was the biggest problem. All the actors over-acted (except for Paul Reubens) and were in general goofy. And Donald Sutherland just made up his own lines as he went along. All told, the finished product was nothing like what Joss had intended with his script, and from then on he knew that when it was important, he had to direct his own scripts.

I appreciate that Fray is appreciated enough that someone wants to make it into a film, but I really hope they get it right, that’s all. If they have any brains they’ll invite Joss Whedon himself to direct.