Joss’ New Musical Crush


I am listening to a new album of songs written by Joss Whedon and folk singer/songwriter Shawnee Kilgore, who is the singerĀ on all the tracks. Joss & Shawnee met online & started collaborating before ever meeting face to face! I had the pleasure of meeting Shawnee when she and her friend Daisy opened for my boyfriend’s band, The Claudia Malibu, in Easthampton MA recently.

So, she’s really lovely and sweet. And I am totally jealous of her that she gets to collaborate with Joss! And she gets to be his music crush. Here’s a video that Joss shot of Shawnee in Austin, TX where she lives:

The crazy thing is that before she met Joss online, she didn’t know who he was. She’d never watched Buffy or anything. So she and her boyfriend started watching and became fans.

When I met Shawnee I showed her my Buffy tattoo that you have to see the very last episode of the series to understand (the scythe.) She told me that she stopped watching Buffy after Season 3 because she was so devastated that Angel left! She couldn’t bear to go on. And that speaks to the power of Buffy. Anyway, I urged her to watch both Buffy and Angel together, alternating episodes in the order in which they were aired.

She told me that she wrote a song about Buffy and Angel, and later she actually emailed it to me! I would post it here but it’s an unreleased, private song. It was beautiful and sad though. And it has a lovely, off-kilter melody.

To sum up: If you like sweet-as-hell folk music, and you like Joss’ songwriting, the new album Back to Eden is sweet and awesome and very Jossy. And Shawnee Kilgore is an artist to watch. And she’ll hopefully be coming back to Luthier’s in Easthampton to play again. If she comes to your town check her out!